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Is Cargo entirely free? (1)
What types of products are in Cargo boxes? (1)
Am I allowed to order items for myself? (1)
Can I make Cargo sales to my friends? (1)
What if I want to return my box? (1)
What do I do when I run out of products? (1)
Can passengers use my phone to order? (1)
How do I make money with Cargo? (1)
What if I am missing inventory? (1)
When should I give a passenger their product? (1)
Why do you require my bank account info? (1)
How do passengers order and pay? (1)
When and how do I get paid? (1)
How do I get started? (1)
When should I give riders their products? (1)
How do referrals work? (1)
What if I am missing referrals? (1)